About Us


VDS Brink is a professional facilitator of strategic sessions and creative group work.  Two of his daughters are married and he is the grandfather of an adorable baby girl.  He holds the highest educational qualification of Toast Masters International and frequently addresses audiences large and small, while believing that the truth is with nobody, it’s amongst us.

Marianne Theunissen is a postgraduate student in Bio-systems in the field of cochlear implants and teaches Communication Pathology.  She loves reading, music, hiking, tennis, spending time with loved ones and bringing positive change to this world.


Jan-Hendrik Labuschagne is a graphic designer who operates out of Johannesburg, South Africa.  When he is not scribbling crazy illustrations he works on a large range of brands including telecommunication companies, banks and the post office.


Ryk Coetzee enjoys the great outdoors, a barbeque and beer with good friends.  As an actuary working in the short-term insurance industry, he knows if you want to play hard, you must work hard.  Each year goes by quicker than the last (there’s maths to prove it!) so he lives each day to the fullest.

Eben de Lange is a computer engineer who traded subtleties of bits and bytes for a bite of the investment management pie as a stock market portfolio manager.  He enjoys testing the limits of the internet, building relationships and websites for his church and reading about fictitious worlds.  He believes that “all the world’s a stage”, and stages himself singing in choirs.

Pieter Luus is a Civil Engineer but greatly enjoys giving enough attention to his entrepreneurial side.  He is working as a full-time project manager for a mining company, but his spare time is swamped by balancing life with his fiancé, managing two sideline businesses, and living life to the fullest.

Francois Smith is a project manager for a company that builds large furnaces for chrome businesses.  In his spare time he conquests high mountains like Elbrus or Kilimanjaro and if the building of plants allow it, he likes to take a hike in the mountains of South Africa.  As he is a closet gardener, he and his girlfriend find ways to reduce man’s carbon footprint and they’ve planted 20 trees this year alone.

Armand Naude is a computer engineer.  His day to day life may entail project management, applying software engineering practices and lending a generous dose of lunacy, which is always necessary.  In his spare time he embarks on his quest to learn guitar, write poetry, ride his beloved Yamaha R6, annoy his friends and generally just enjoy the blessing of life.


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